What to bring

Before you come

  • Dress your child in comfortable, named, hardwearing sunsmart clothes and sturdy safe footwear
  • Apply sunscreen at home

Pack a named back pack or bag with:

  • A piece of fruit (staff will cut it up if required). In warm weather put the fruit in a cool pack in your child's  kindergarten bag
  • Named plastic cup or mug for provided filtered, cool water
  • Named change of clothes
  • Named hat


What not to bring

  • Sweets (lollies)
  • Nuts (we are a nut aware zone)
  • Carrot sticks (grated carrot is OK)
  • Toys (if your child has something special to show, please bring it and show us at the beginning of a session, then take it home with you. It is distressing for children and parents to have toys lost or broken)
  • Sick child (If your child is sick, do not send them to kindergarten. Instead phone us and let us know that your child is staying at home. This is better for the child and reduces the risk of spreading infection.)
  • Please note: Medications and sunscreens must not be left in children’s bags.


What to talk about before you come

  • Who the teachers are
  • What sort of activities they will participate in kindergarten
  • Who will drop them off
  • Who will pick them up


Things to do when you arrive for the day

  • For morning sessions arrive at 8.30am. For afternoon sessions, arrive at 12.00 pm. We encourage punctuality as a good habit for life
  • Observe 25km speed limit as you approach the kindergarten to park
  • Hang up the kindergarten bag on the hooks along the windows on your way in
  • Indicate any changes to pick up arrangements by noting them in the diary - please sign these entries.
  • If you have time, spend a few minutes to read a book, do a puzzle, look at artwork, make a play dough sculpture, give your child a swing, help them balance on the climbing frames, chat with your child, your child's friends and their parents
  • Help your child find a space for their lunch in the fridge for their lunch
  • Check your family pigeon hole
  • Read the curriculum program which is written up and placed on the verandah. We will also provide a copy for every family in week 2 of each term
  • Say 'goodbye' to your child before leaving


Things to do as you leave for the day

  • Please be at the kindergarten five minutes before a session ends so that your child does not have to wait for you. This will help your child to develop confidence and security
  • Make yourself visible at the back door, so that staff can dismiss your child
  • Check for artwork that might be drying
  • Check your family pigeon hole
  • Check the box for artwork not yet collected located outside near the bag hooks
  • Check the lost property basket
  • Chat with the staff if you have any queries
  • Make sure only your children go through the gate as you leave
  • Make sure the gate is shut behind you