Enrolment and Fees

Enrolling your child helps us to plan. We welcome enrolments from the time your child turns two.

Enrolment form

Please complete a preliminary enrolment form (also available at the kindergarten - just ask one of the staff members).

Enrolment checklist

Below is a list of what you need to do to complete the enrolment process:

  • Complete the enrolment form which you will receive by mail as part of your enrolment package
  • Post or deliver to the kindergarten.

Here is a list of things you might like to also do prior to enrolling:

  • Visit the Kindergarten (call 8278 3392 to arrange a visit).
  • Introduce your child to the staff members well before they start
  • Feel free to make an appointment to meet with the staff and discuss any queries or concerns
  • Ask to meet other parents. Any member of the Governing Council would be delighted to chat with you over coffee or by phone.



  • Full term fees are $135 per term per child, for 5 sessions per week.. (This equates to $13.50 per week Great value!) 
  • Lunch care fees are $5 per day.  (This covers the cost of a Lunch Care Provider.)

You will receive your account in your pigeon hole.

As a general rule, we do not rely on fundraising.

 How to pay

  • Put correct money in an envelope with your name on it and place in the mail box outside the Office door.
  • Pay online. Account details are available on your account slip.

Ensure that you insert your child's name in the account description when making the transaction so that the treasurer can trace your payment.

In case of financial difficulty, consult with the Director to discuss a payment plan.


Other expenses

Excursions / events: Excursions or special events do incur a cost per child. You will receive notices about these and will be asked to fill out a form and put the money in an envelope into the mail box prior to the event. Again, if there is financial difficulty, consult with the Director.

Lunch care: When your child stays at kindergarten over lunchtime, we provide a lunch care staff member to supervise them at all times. This incurs a $5 non negotiable fee per day. Note that you need to provide the lunch!

Group photos: Every year we organise group photos. Your child will have individual photos and a group photo taken unless you advise the staff otherwise. You will have the option of viewing the photos at the kindergarten and purchasing the photos if desired.