Getting Involved

We really encourage parents and carers to be involved in the kindergarten community.

Helping at the kindergarten can be a good way to get to know the staff and find out more about what your child is doing. Children like to see parents and teachers interacting happily. Here are just some of the ways you can be involved. If you have ideas or other ways you'd like to be involved, please suggest them to the staff.

  • Attend a session and interact with the children eg read stories or share a special interest, occupation or hobbies, (cooking, playing a musical instrument, craft, exercise)

  • Help prepare teaching materials.

  • Donate 'collectables'. We can use almost anything – soft wood scraps, material and wool scraps, all sizes boxes eg grocery boxes, ribbons, shells, cylinders, gum nuts, etc.

  • Put your name on the roster which is placed on the noticeboard at the beginning of term to:
    • clean up the yard (families are asked to sweep and tidy the yard once a year)
    • take home a basket of washing, do some sewing and other useful jobs
  • Take home a literacy kit
    • We have a supply of literacy kits which contain a story book and some props to go with the story for you and your child to enjoy at home with the family. Select one literacy kit at a time for borrowing and enter your family’s borrowing details in the book near the stand.
    • If pieces are missing please replace them if possible or let a staff member know. Please do not replace the bags on the stand if they are incomplete.
    • If you'd like to make up a literacy kit to add to our collection, please talk with one of the staff.
  • Join the Governing Council
    • The kindergarten has a tradition of a very active Governing Council. Interested parents can attend Governing Council meetings throughout the year, but only members can vote on any issues arising.
    • See more information about the Governing Council below.
    • Speak to one of the members or let one of the staff know if you are interested in joining the Governing Council.
  • Promoting the kindergarten
    • We want to make sure that the community and prospective families know about our kindergarten. Any ideas or avenues you have for promoting awareness of Belair Jean Bonython kindergarten are always welcome.
  • Participate in excursions
    • From time to time we organise excursions and sometimes need parents for extra supervision. You will hear about the excursions through the pigeon hole system.
  • Participate in the Wellbeing Social Events
    • The Governing Council hosts a series of events through the year for parents, carers, staff and children to interact and have fun. These may include activities like:
      • regular morning teas
      • family picnic
      • story night for kindergarten children and parents
      • Blackwood Christmas pageant (A group of parents meet and watch together)
      •  Celebrations and shared lunches

In fairness to all kindergarten families, our policy is that the kindergarten is not to be used as a venue for selling any items eg party plans, raffle tickets, fundraising chocolates.


Governing Council

The kindergarten is run by a Governing Council made up of parents, staff and interested community members.

The Governing Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting to be held at the beginning of each new year. Members are encouraged to serve a term of two years.

Meetings are held once a month and parents are able to attend, ask questions and offer opinions at these meetings. Voting is restricted to elected members. A list of the governing council members is on the noticeboard.

The responsibilities of the Governing Council are:

  • policy and decision making
  • reviewing the operational plan
  • developing, implementing and evaluating site improvement plans
  • hosting social events