Your child's attendance is really important to us. Establishing a routine helps them to be comfortable and secure and assists their learning.

Our staffing numbers are based on the number of children who attend regularly and we'd like to keep our staff team consistent.

If your child is absent for any reason, please let us know eg

  • family holidays
  • illness of child or parent (particularly if the illness is contagious so that we can inform other families to be aware of symptoms)
  • special circumstances eg weather conditions, transport problems or other unforseen circumstances. We may be help you to access resources.



Our staff treat each child is an individual and our programs are designed to cater for individual and group needs.

If a child is behaving inappropriately eg using actions rather than words to solve a problem, we use a protective behaviour process such as:

  • calming the child
  • encouraging them to think about their actions

If the behaviour continues we implement either:

  • time in where the child is required to stay next to the teacher for a period of time. This supports children without rejecting them.
  • time out where the child is removed from other children for a time appropriate to their age eg four minutes for a four year old. After time out the child is redirected to an alternative play activity

At this kindergarten we encourage the children to use protective behaviour language like:

  • saying "Stop it! I don’t like it."
  • saying "No" appropriately
  • talking about their feelings

We help them to recognise early warning signs like feeling safe and encourage them to get help if they don't feel safe.

These are important life skills for their future. The earlier they have these skill, the safer they will be. We encourage you to try some of these ideas out at home.



We celebrate children's birthdays at the kindergarten by singing happy birthday and giving a card. Please do not bring birthday cakes as it is difficult to manage allergies. We ensure that each child feels really special on their birthday.



We encourage you to communicate regularly and constructively at the kindergarten by:

  • chatting to staff and other parents and carers on arrival or pick-up
  • booking an appointment to speak with staff if you need privacy or a longer conversation
  • checking the notice board and pigeon holes regularly
  • leaving a message on our answering machine if out of hours
  • sending an email to: checking our website at




Our staff members treat all information with the utmost confidentiality. We sometimes need to share information with the whole staff team so that they are fully informed about your child’s needs. We will discuss this with you prior to releasing any information.

We always get parent permission before sharing information with other government agencies egother schools, DECD, support services