The kindergarten curriculum is based on the  Early Years curriculum Framework: Being, Belonging and Becoming in conjunction with the International Bacculereate Early Years Inquiry Method.

We offer an inquiry approach to learning:

  • self and social development
  • arts and creativity
  • communication and language
  • design and technology
  • diversity
  • health and physical development
  • understanding our world
  • essential learnings which are: futures, communication, identity, interdependence and thinking

To find out more about our curriculum program for each term:

  • read and keep the curriculum plan which is put in your family pigeon hole in week two of each term
  • read the updates on the verandah whiteboard and notice boards

During the kindergarten year the staff gather information about your child through:

  • observations
  • photos
  • children’s work or activities
  • talking and listening to children
  • questioning

We share information with parents through:

  • informal discussions
  • formal discussions (by appointment)
  • surveys
  • updates
  • displays of children’s work

If you would like more in-depth information  about your child's development throughout the year, please ask one of the staff members,  or orgnise a time with the Director for a more formal discussion.  We are more than happy to meet you at a time convenient to your family with a little advance notice.

In your child's final term of kindergarten you will receive a work folder and a transition report. We also send a copy of this to school your child will be attending to support their transition and continuity of learning.


Children with special needs

We welcome all children to our Centre and give every attention to providing the best service possible and to meet every child's differing needs.

Support services for children with special needs are available through the Department of Education & Child Development (DECD). Referrals for these services will be made through the kindergarten.

Below you will find a sample of the type of curriculum offered to children during their kindergarten year:


Where we live


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