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Other General Policies

Cars and parking

  • Observe the 25km speed limit when arriving and leaving
  • Keep clear of the adjoining neighbours' driveways as per the road markings
  • Beware of parking inspectors
  • Encourage children to use the left hand side car doors when exiting the car if possible




The only snack that should be brought to kindergarten is one piece of fruit for morning or afternoon tea. Staff will cut it up if required.

Do not bring:

  • peanuts or products containing nuts eg peanut paste sandwiches, museli bars, biscuits (We have children who are severely allergic to peanuts)
  • carrot sticks as these are a choking hazard (grated carrot is OK)



Please inform the staff if your child develops:

  • a medical condition
  • an allergy
  • an infectious disease

Please phone the kindergarten if your child is going to be absent for any reason.


Do not send sick children to kindergarten. If a child vomits in the morning before kindergarten or the previous night, keep them at home for 24 hrs even if they want to come. Children are still contagious for some hours even after they have stopped vomiting.

Universal Precautions

We have policies and practices in place to prevent infection from blood borne diseases that include HIV and hepatitis B and C. Staff have access to latex gloves and bandaids at all times. The children are taught about safe handling of blood at kindergarten.



We are a smoke free environment. Please do not smoke in the kindergarten yard or vicinity.



Our sunsafe policy follows all SunSmart procedures. To be safe from the sun, please follow these guidelines:

  • Apply sunscreen to your child before their kindergarten session. The kindergarten does not supply sunscreen. If children attending all day need reapplication, you need to supply sunscreen in their bag.
  • All children require a sun hat for outdoor play in terms one and four



  • All children are encouraged to drink plenty of water using their named plastic cup and the supplied water.
  • Please do not bring individual drink bottles or sippy cups.


DECS policies

Further policies relating to your child at kindergarten can be found on the DECS website: www.decs.sa.gov.au