Newsletter   Term 2-2014               


Welcome back to Term 2 2014.


We are already in week 4,  it’s hard to know where the time goes.



 Special thanks to all of the families who have been volunteering their services to keep our yard clean at the weekends.


v The outdoor area is a wonderful learning space for your children and we very much appreciate it always looking wonderful and inviting.



v Story Night –Wed. 28th May check the flier in your pigeon hole


v Sickness:  please keep children home if they are sick.  If they have had vomiting or diarrhoea the specified time before they can come back is 24 hours after the last episode.


v Fee Notices have gone out, thanks to those who have paid so promptly.  Please note Lunch Care fees are non negotiable and must be paid if children are accessing the service. Non Payment of Sessional Fees “should be discussed with the Director,” as per our Site Policy. 


Literacy at Kindergarten

A definition of literacy is that is a combination of “reading and viewing, drawing and writing, speaking and listening”.  At the Kindergarten level, literacy is embedded in every aspect of our work as you will see in the following update.

v As you will have read from our curriculum programme information, we have begun our inquiry into Seasons, Weather, and Climate.

v We began by asking children “what is the weather?”  We obtained such answers as “sun, snow, rain, thunder, cool, hot, cold, stormy, lightning, sunny, windy, very cloudy, grey, foggy, etc.”  Children were interested to note that weather encompasses all of these descriptions.


In our Monday and Tuesday group work, someone asked about  rainbows so we discussed how rainbows are formed and children learned that rainbows appear in seven colours because water droplets break white sunlight into the seven colours of the spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Children have enjoyed using new language like “spectrum” “refraction”, “prism”, “indigo” etc. 


Our Wednesday and Thursday group have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the Autumn leaves and some of their ‘still life’ paintings and finger paintings in autumn colours are lovely.


Children have enjoyed making Scarecrows to guard our vegetable Patch and one at least has a name. (Charlotte)  Children chose different names then one was drawn from a hat.


All Children have accepted this inquiry subject and become engaged in activities involving “keeping an eye on the sky” and watching changing weather conditions and cloud formations on a daily basis. (Later in the term we will look at the different types of clouds and what they can tell us about the coming weather.)

We have also begun to learn some lovely new songs.


We are  purchasing a new rain gauge and during the weeks to come children will measure the rainfall and chart or graph the results (numeracy). 


Children have been bringing wonderful books and other resources.  The umbrellas were so quirky; we thought they would make a colourful and artistic display. 


If you have any interesting resources, please feel free to share them with us.


Lynette, Julie, Mary and Deb.